The Program

The best way to get better at anything is to follow a program. I wanted to be able to do more pushups so I followed programs. What I found was that I always saw an increase initially, but then plateaued and no longer saw growth. So I decided to create my own program. After 1 month of using my new program, I doubled the amount of pushups I could do in one set.

The PushupBoy program is designed to help you do more pushups. Simple, effective programming every day will ensure you break through the plateaus and keep improving.

Each program will follow a simple setup. Each day there will be a max test, a workout, and accessory movements.

Max tests performed every day keep you updated on your progress. By testing and retesting over a period of time you can see the results from the hard work you put in.

The workout will usually include sets of pushups and be designed to improve certain muscles used in the pushup. Every workout is designed with a goal in mind and are ultimately there to improve your pushups.

The accessory movements are included to help build strength and stamina in the stabilizers that are otherwise not directly used in exercises. Stabilizer muscles in the back and core are vital to being able to perform large sets of pushups.

The program is designed for everyone based on their current fitness level.

The Beginner Program (0-24 Pushups)

The Beginner Program is designed for anyone new to the pushup exercise. If you cannot do 25 consecutive pushups, this is a good place to start. The program focuses on building up familiarity with pushups and the exercises designed to support them. Simple variations of pushups are programmed to help those that may struggle to do a few or even 1 pushup. This program serves as a primer for your body to get ready for larger sets of pushups as you build more strength and muscle endurance. After you can successfully perform 25 pushups in a row, you are ready to move on to the next program.

The Advanced Program (25-49 Pushups)

The Advanced Program is the next step for those that can do more than 25 pushups but want to still increase their strength and fitness. This program will contain more variations than the beginner program with increased difficulty in the pushups. The volume of pushups performed in any given week will also be greater. The goal here is to power past the plateau that plagues so many people in between 25-49 pushups. The variety of different exercises being used in this program will help people perform more pushups at a much faster rate than just doing pushups alone. Once you can hit the milestone of 50 pushups in a row, you are ready to move on to the Expert Program.

Expert Program (50+ Pushups)

The Expert Program is reserved for the elite pushup masters out there. This program will contain certain movements and exercises that will be difficult for the best of us. Handstand pushups, weighted pushups, one arm pushups, and many more demanding variations will be a common theme in the programming. Even though the individuals following this program can perform dozens of pushups with little effort, there is always room for growth. Whether it is achieving the 100 pushup milestone, performing a one arm pushup, or just maintaining an elite level of fitness, this program will help you achieve your goals.

Select the program that works best for your current fitness level. Every day will include a new max test, new workout, and new accessory exercises to improve upon your current level of fitness. I followed this same program and saw fantastic results. Anyone who follows it for an extended period of time will definitely see the same benefits.


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