The Pushup

For the last century, the Pushup has been the cornerstone of physical exercise in the world. From military preparation to athletic programs to a child’s gym class, the pushup transcends all levels of fitness while still being an incredibly efficient exercise.

Many people believe the pushup is a strictly upper-body exercise, but it is so much more. The pushup is the best exercise for the upper-body and the muscles involved include the chest, triceps, shoulders, and biceps. Pushups also work the back muscles such as the lats and the stabilizers that keep the body on a straight plane. The abdominal muscles are also toned and strengthened while doing pushups because the body is in the plank position. Lastly, if you do enough pushups in a row, it becomes a cardiovascular movement improving both your heart and lungs.

There are a variety of different pushup variations to get the desired results for every level of fitness. If someone cannot perform a standard pushup, they can perform wall pushups or elevated pushups to build strength. More advanced variations include diamond pushups that work the triceps, handstand pushups that blast the shoulders, and plyometric clapping pushups that will shred the entire body.

The pushup is a complete exercise. It can be used to build strength, increase muscle endurance, and tone the core. No other exercise can claim that it benefits the body as much as the pushup.

Pushups are basic, efficient, and effective. They require no equipment, no special gym membership, and can be done literally anywhere by anyone. If you want to increase your strength, stamina, and overall fitness, there is no better place to start than with the pushup.




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