It all started during my freshman orientation at college. I was sitting on the bleachers of the football field along with several hundred other tired and hungry 18-year-olds. Our orientation started at 8 AM and most of us were still half asleep.

The resident assistants, or RA’s, tried to use all of their enthusiasm to get us riled up about starting our college careers. They yelled and cheered and one of them even brought a megaphone. But nothing could bring the soon-to-be freshman out of the first day boredom. Most had the look of apprehension to not look like a fool in front of hundreds of people they did not know yet.

The RA with the megaphone called out a contest with something that was sure-fire to get these teenagers out of their seats. Free T-Shirts. The contest was simple, “Who can come down in front of everyone and do 10 pushups?” Easy T-Shirt. But no one moved, not a single soul dared to step down from the bleachers. “20 pushups?!” said the megaphone.

Me, being arguably the most introverted product of the entire freshman class, decided to step down from my perch and take the challenge. I definitely surprised myself. I looked to my left and there was another eager body ready to accept the challenge as well. This wasn’t a challenge anymore, this was a competition.

We got into position facing each other at the bottom of the bleachers and began pushing them out on the command of the megaphone. My adrenaline was pumping so hard from the noise of the students that I could barely hear, feel, or see anything around me. I could barely make out from the megaphone. , “…18! 19! 20!” I saw my opponent drop in a heap to the ground, but I kept going.

The crowd was stunned to see me not even break a sweat through 20, then 30, then 40. With the megaphone calling out every rep, I finished with 50 chest-to-deck pushups in front of the entire freshman class. I was filled with joy when I collected my brand new T-Shirt. It was at this moment when I truly fell in love with pushups.

Later that day I was greeted in my dorm hallway by several guys that had seen my performance. “PushupBoy!!!” they called out. That is where the nickname started. Every time I walked to class, ate a meal in the cafeteria, or was quietly studying in the library, I could hear my friends calling me by my nickname. The name stuck and they continue to call me PushupBoy to this very day.

I had done pushups here and there in high school to supplement basketball workouts, but now I was doing them all the time. There is not a better exercise to do for the upper body than pushups. They build strength, endurance, and sculpt the shoulders, triceps, chest, and back. Not to mention the benefits to the core muscles from being in the plank position for the entirety of the exercise.

The beauty of pushups is that they can be done anywhere, at any time, and in any mood. I was never someone who would pay to go to the gym so doing pushups in my dorm room or house was just so much more convenient and cost effective. I could get out of bed in the morning and start doing pushups. I could do them in between classes, on a lunch break, or right before bed. I would do them when I was happy, sad, angry, frustrated, or overwhelmed. The pushup was, is, and will be the most convenient exercise for everyone.

I have tried other programs to gain strength and endurance using pushups, but I always seemed to see progress and then be blindsided by a plateau. I got to the point where I wasn’t seeing any growth but continued to put in the same or even more effort than I had been. I would stop one program only to see the same results from another.

So I decided to start my own program. I wanted a program that got me over that plateau, made me push myself to new heights, and made me proud of my accomplishments. After several months of trying my new system, I saw my pushup totals double from the previous highs of the other programs.

From this success, I wanted to share my program with the world. I created this site as a means to help those who wanted to improve their pushups. Whether you could barely do 1 or could knock out 100, I knew there could be ways to improve. I wanted to create the site I was always looking for.

This program is designed for anyone at any experience level to begin right away. The beginner program is designed to teach the fundamentals of the pushup and focuses on mechanics and foundational movements essential to performing pushups. The advanced program is for those who can already perform pushups by the dozen, but need a little extra push to get them over the plateau. The expert program is constructed for an individual who has already logged hundreds of pushups but wants to try the many different variations to get a new level of strength and endurance beyond the standard.

Pick a level that feels right for you and start the program. If you find the beginner level is too easy, jump right into the advanced level. If you get too intimidated by the expert level, start the beginner program. It is completely up to you to decide what your goals are and where you want to go. These programs are designed to help you accomplish your goals and get you to where you want to be.

Whatever you’re experience level, the most important part is to just start. Thinking about starting and wishing you could do more pushups will get you nowhere. So join the PushupBoy community, start a program, and watch your pushups improve every day!